The Little Boy, The Sweet Lady & The 'Game Over' T-Shirt

Strange encounters began to happen.  One day walking through a busy street, a little boy with his mother saw Dave and headed straight for him, stopping him in his tracks with a huge smile on his face.  It was as if they were old friends.  Perhaps they were.

This would also be the start of a number of incidences where they would encounter somebody who'd leave them smiling inside.  It often seemed to happen in the middle of challenging times as if some sort of reminder to keep on.

Towards the end of their time in Barcelona as they were visiting an internet cafe each day with little luck in finding appropriate accomodation for Paris, the woman at the counter began to recognise them.  On their last visit there (she didn't know this) and feeling a bit worn out, she offered them a sweet from the packet she was eating as they paid up and left the cafe. 

The 'Game Over' t-shirt is something else.  A few weeks before they left for Barcelona, it caught Dave's attention from a tourist shop window as he and Kate were filming on the streets of Edinburgh.  It didn't seem to mean much at the time but then fast forward to Barcelona where they would continually see the same t-shirt in a variety of souvenir shops there.  What does it mean?  Maybe nothing at all?

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