The Empire Strikes Back

They hadn't been there a day before dark forces started to disrupt their plans.  The money goblins and their over-zealous security halted access to their bank accounts and so Dave & Kate's money was so secure even they couldn't get to it.

Back in Edinburgh the idea was to book an apartment for a month in Barcelona but the right one never showed up.  At the very last minute, on the day they left, they booked a hotel for the first night and would attempt to book further accomodation once they got to Barcelona.  Internet banking security soon put a halt to that.

So after checking out of their hotel the next morning, with nowhere to stay and backpacks strapped to their backs weighing close to 15kg each, not to mention their widescreen laptop raft, they wandered for a bit in the Spanish sun looking for somewhere with free wi-fi access.  They were standing outside Starbucks on La Ramblas, reluctant to give in and go there, when Dave realised he was staring straight across the road at the Citadines apart-hotel sign...  "How about we go there?"

It wasn't the cheapest option but looking like a couple of tired turtles and with limited means of getting to their money, it seemed the only option.  They checked in for 2 nights and laughed at the amazing views of Barcelona from their room - two people who aren't really interested in grand views. 

The stay gave them a perfect place to get back on their feet with free internet access so they could look up apartments and facilities for them to eat in and save money. 

Kate felt so at home that she got a job at Citadines...

All of this wasn't exactly what they had in mind when they landed in Barcelona.

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