Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Dave & Kate flew out of Barcelona around midday on Monday 25th October 2010.  The fondness they had for Barcelona remained and they knew it wouldn't be their last visit.  On arriving at Paris Beauvais airport and hopping on the bus to the city centre, as they waited on the bus to leave and wondered what Paris would have in store for them, they looked out the window and another rainbow was in the sky...

Once they'd found their bearings and got the metro to the Ibis hotel, they were welcomed by a guy hanging out his window as they walked down the street saying "bon soir!" and holding his hand out.  All credit to him for finding a new way to beg.  They would find him there with his hand out most days they went down that street.

Everything seemed ok at check-in and although being on the outskirts, in an ethnic area, was new to them, they never felt threatened.  Maybe they hadn't anticipated being such a long way from the centre - they forgot just how big Paris is.  Setting out to get something to eat that night it must have been close to a 2hr walk before they found anything.  They got the metro back at about 11pm that night.

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