Dave & Kate spent the 3 weeks there taking long walks with no particular purpose in between time at internet cafes and shopping for groceries.  When they could they'd stop off for a coffee.  Shopping for groceries usually involved trips to several stores as they could rarely get all they wanted from one.

Sometime each afternoon they often found themselves reasoning (satsang?) with coffee and Catalonian biscuits while out on the terrace or sitting inside.  These talks were spontaneous and random, whatever needing to be said voiced out loud to clear the air and keep things fresh and moving along.  This would also happen back in Edinburgh and usually always took place around coffee and cakes or biscuits.

At nights their only form of entertainment was the radio, so in-between more reasoning sessions they would listen as songs presented themselves as signs and often explained what was going on better than they could.  When in one song the singer screamed out "Paris is calling!" they knew they were definitely on to go there next.

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