A Bus Called Suzanne

On being dropped off at Porte Maillot, Paris by the airport bus, Dave & Kate were sorting out their luggage and just as Dave looked up a coach passed right in front of him with the words 'Suzanne' emblazoned on it and three eyes.

They would encounter this same bus 4 times in total during their stay in Paris.  The next two occasions were in the heart of Paris;  once as they were walking past the Louvre at the end of an intense discussion (you could call it a satsang of sorts) and the next time as they sat in a cafe during another intense discussion, feeling a bit lost.  The discussions would end for a moment and one of them would look away in silence and there would be this bus going by.

The last time they saw it was on their final day in Paris.  Standing outside Galeries Lafayette, watching the window display and feeling a little strange on realising their time in Paris had come to an end, they turned to walk away and the bus passed on the street right in front of them (see image).

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