David William has been one of a kind from the start and so has his path been. Born and raised in Edinburgh he has been enjoying music from early on but it was only in his late teens that he discovered his passion for making it. Starting out with writing poems he soon realised that something was missing in the equation - that was Music.

Never one to follow the crowd, for a few years he wrote songs in private and only few close people got to hear them until he first made an appearance on the scene in 2003 and released an EP Head Above Water as Seven Worlds. Inspiration for that name came from a song by the band Crowded House. However, soon after he started releasing music he felt as though he needed a name that was free of associations and decided to put out music as David William, the name he still uses now on his latest songs.

By that time he had already decided to fully devote his life to Music. Ever since, David spends his time writing songs, practicing, recording and doing everything else around it. Right from the start, David never wanted to follow the conventional path of the music industry as he wants his music to be authentic and free from the restrictions of the industry as every organisation and industry, no matter how well-intended. That is also why he does things on his own terms from his home studio.

Although he grew up in the UK David has always felt a strong connection with continental Europe which eventually made him give up everything in October 2010 and head there. Six months into that journey he and his partner Kate Threadgould started joining their skills and creating music as SoulJahm. A unique, harmonious sound and many new songs, such as Giudecca, Karl-Marx-Allee and Italian Saturday, emerged from that period. When things in Europe came to an end in 2014 David returned to Edinburgh and had a fresh start as David William.

It was a period when he grew to like his hometown more and more - a feeling he describes in the latest version of his song Remembering (We’re Still Friends) - and started sharing his music on the streets of Edinburgh.

By now David William has released five albums - One Way Ticket, One Way Ticket (Travelling Lighter), The Days Before, End Of The Strangers and 2020 - and various singles but there is more to come in 2020 and into the future.



Some questions David has regularly been asked by people out on the street or online over the years...

Why is David not playing in pubs? 

David has always felt that pubs are not the right environment for his Music. He played briefly at open mic back in 2002 and soon realised the environment and scene was not what he is about. A priority for him is to get his originals across to people and reach those who really love and understand what he does rather than playing to people who just want a drink and some background noise. Until the right environment for his Music shows up he will continue focussing on putting records out with occasional live concerts online.

What genre does David’s Music fit into?

Neither David nor his Music fit into the common categories, which can often confuse people. Listening to artists such as The Beatles, Bob Marley or Crowded House he has quite a diverse music taste which is also displayed in his own Music.
If he had to label his songs the most suitable genres would be indie rock, folk-rock, psychedelic folk, garagerock, rock'n’roll or pop. But the these are only vague terms and to get an idea what David's Music is like you have to hear it yourself.

Is David’s Music available on CD?

Davids debut album One Way Ticket was released on CD but it didn’t prove viable to continue  releasing CDs which led him to put out his music digitally only after this. However, once he gets the financial means David would like to release his Music on CDs, vinyls and even cassettes.

Why does David not go on talent shows like The Voice, X-Factor, etc? 

These talent shows do not fit the way David approaches Music and are gateways into the very industry which David does not want to be part of.  David's love and passion is for Music, not the music industry.


Why is David not in a band? 


Being in a band is what David wanted from the start.  The type of music he was making and the kinds of bands he was into were not fashionable in the late 90s/early 2000s amongst his peers. He could never find anybody who shared his musical tastes and vision.  This makes a lot more sense now in the isolated and socially-distanced world we live in than it did then.  A lot of people seem to mention there are no bands around any longer, instead lots of solo artists.  David is a solo artist by necessity, not choice. 

Why isn't David doing more to promote himself and his Music? 

There are essentially two main reasons for this.  First of all, there is more involved in the daily life of an independent musician than meets the eye.  Time is needed each day to prepare/set-up and record all the instruments for each song, to mix the songs, to practice, to learn new songs, film and edit videos, create artwork, play live shows, as well as all the 'admin' like updating web stuff.  David tries to give most attention to the actual music side of things, feeling if he takes care of that the rest will fall into place.

The second and bigger reason is that the music industry (and all marketing in general) is built on trying to persuade the public to buy something.  Everybody is out to "sell themselves" one way or another.  David has a more simplistic view of life.  What is the need to push yourself upon people?  If you connect with what he does, support it in some way directly here and now... buy the songs, pay to watch live, donate, spread the word.  If you don't, move on.  David is confident that if everybody did this everything would rise into its rightful place.

Why does David not play live at scheduled times?

Unfortunately due to his living situation it's not easy for David to plan his shows in advance which leads him to announcing them spontaneously.

Aside from that he also likes the idea of Music becoming more intuitive. Once a certain harmony and synchronicity is there between audience and artist the musician could spontaneously decide to play based on an inner urge and his audience would simultaneously pick that up and tune in. 

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